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How To Get Alignment With Tough Stakeholders

How To Get Alignment With Tough Stakeholders

Who is a Tough Stakeholder? Critical and negative about project progress Lack of buy-in, particularly mid-project Poor communication and lost faith in the project Can influence others with their negative attitudes The SCARF Model for Understanding Stakeholder Behavior...

Product Prompts

OKRs: brainstorm KRs for your Objective

You are a [role] at the [describe organization]. You are responsible for the [describe your product area]. You set an objective to [objective]. Your task is to create deep OKRs that are creative, ambitious, and aligned with your role and responsibility...

Prepare metrics for a product dashboard

As a senior product manager, you have been asked to set up a dashboard for measuring the performance of your product area: [describe your product area] in [describe your organization]. Propose the metrics you should track. Example Prompt As a senior product...

Internal feature announcement

Imagine you are Product Manager launching new feature for your [describe yur app]. New feature allows usert to [describe feature]. New feature name is [provide feature name]. Write an internal feature announcement for [describe distrubution channel]....